"The first time I saw your artwork was while touring New Zealand. I was truly captivated by the rawness and honesty in your paintings. The expression of colour used in your paintings tells a story - I see beauty and pain in everyday occurrences which makes me think of the world in which I live. You are such a gifted artist with a special ability to reach out and touch those who view the purity of your work. Thank you for sharing your talents with us."

Shae and Renato

"We 'discovered' you at a friend's bach in Mt Maunganui, and immediately wanted to see more of your work, and hopefully get some. We think you have huge talent, with an x-factor that leaps out of your work. More than that, your pieces are clearly yours, with obvious stylistic signature. Interestingly Anne and I enjoy different aspects of your style, but it speaks to both of us. Keep up your efforts - you are doomed to greatness!"

Evan and Anne
Kate Williamson